Precision Cooling System

What is Precision Air Conditioning in Myanmar?

In simplified terms:

  • Precision cooling is air conditioning specifically designed for IT equipment in places like data centers and computer rooms.  Precision Cooling Systems are also purpose-built for the indoor agriculture market, whether that be for cannabis or a multitude of vertical farming crops.
  • Comfort cooling is designed for people.
Many will incorrectly try to implement precision cooling systems into rooms occupied with people thinking “Cold air is just cold air, right?” Wrong. Places like those differ from computer rooms and data centers because they have a much lower, inconsistent heat load and have a higher need for dehumidification since people add humidity to a room while IT equipment does not.

Precision Vs Comfort Cooling

What is comfort cooling?

Comfort cooling is a method of removing heat from a given room by pushing it outside and replacing the heat with cooler air. Comfort cooling is the same type of cooling system that you use to keep your office building or your residential home cool during the summer months. Comforting cooling is meant to provide a comfortable temperature to those who are in a certain room or building. This type of cooling is different from precision cooling, which is used specifically to cool down the heated temperatures of IT systems.

What is precision cooling?

Precision cooling is a special type of air conditioning that’s used to keep IT equipment and servers cool. Unlike comfort cooling, which is designed to help people maintain a comfortable temperature, precision cooling is meant to ensure IT equipment doesn’t overheat or cause unplanned outages due to a thermal event.

By using precision air conditioning units in your data center, not only do you reduce the risk of overheating your data center but you also maximize your center’s availability and reduce the risk of power outages caused by thermal events. When it comes to data center supplies, precision units are a great choice for data center cooling solutions because they remove most of the heat from your data center without using a lot of energy themselves.

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Cooling Capacity

  • Total heat dissipation of the equipment
  • Volume of the location
  • Room and equipment layout
  • Anticipated expansion
  • Heat gains and losses through walls, floor and ceiling
  • Personnel working inside

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