Information Display and Meeting Spaces Solution

LANTRO Myanmar is engaging and delivering the digital information display solution along with his core competency of structured cabling and network expertise toward infrastructure and corporate landscape. LANTRO have strengthened his leading position in providing the most innovative products and the solutions are designed with a focus on a deep understanding of industries, and customer convenience. Integrated solutions ranging from content management, service to maintenance are delivered.

More data and information are being processed and shared, and bigger ideas are being generated. A new era of collaboration has arrived. To keep up with the change, our office environment is evolving to reflect the need for open, small workplaces and remote collaboration.

Boost Efficiency of Meetings

Nowadays employees prefer working in advanced and collaborative environment rather than conventional workspaces. Different forms of collaborations such as idea meeting, data sharing, and interdepartmental meeting become more convenient by making digital signage a part the workplace.

Conference Solution that’s easy to maintain and manage

The new form of workplace with technology allows collaboration and innovation by inspiring and supporting the spontaneous interaction. Seamless experience should be considered when adapting a digital signage. Since some meetings rooms are already equipped with network and connectivity devices, compatibility with existing equipment. Therefore, easy contact to support team, product training, technical support, and promotional benefits are important.

Quick Decision Making

Market-leading companies understand that providing real-time information for decision-making is critical for business agility. Displaying visual data helps management and employees carry out discussions and makes decision-making more efficient, which improve company performance. In addition, leading companies must provide a flexible working environment where employees have the most effective meetings at any time. Which will increase efficiency and job satisfaction and lead to maximizing cost-effectiveness and creating substantial ROI.


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